The four noses


Yesterday afternoon was fantastic, the very highlight of my trip. I will keep you in suspense on what it was until I get back home, because I want to do the place justice and show you the best photos that I possibly can.



I owe it all to my new friend Giacomo, who co-runs the splendid Livorno Daily Photo blog, which has inspired me so much and is a great source of information on everything Livornese. Giacomo kindly gave me a walk around town the other day, pointing out interesting places and telling stories only a native would know.



So, to show him that I actually listened and remember, here is a photo that shows that I found the exact spot from which you can see all four noses of the pirates in Livorno’s most famous statue The four Moors.

That is what I call local knowledge!



5 comments on “The four noses

  1. Anne says:


  2. Dina says:

    It is fun to see how different things look different, depending on who is photographing them.
    I’m glad you feel at home in Livorno. You have a good guide.
    Shalom from Jerusalem.

  3. göteburgare says:

    Statyer har sina dolda vinklar, som avslöjar hemligheter som bara de som har ögon (eller en kamera! ser. “Pôjken me’ fêsken” inte att förglömma – hur många har inte spanat in honom från Konserthusets trappa och häpnat över den fräcka siluetten.

    Det är sånt som en bra lokalguide avslöjar!

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