Old English



Remember I said that nice and exciting things would happen in the coming days? Well, here is one of them. A private viewing of the Old English Cemetery which is normally closed. It is the oldest still existing non Catholic cemetery in Italy, it was closed in 1840 when a new one was built. More on this when I come back home, if there are any cemetery lovers among you out there I think you will enjoy this one!



4 comments on “Old English

  1. påhejarnde och otålig ejonjägare says:

    Trodde först det var i Florens och häpnade – sen slog det mig att du ju är på kusten…
    Där fanns kanske jellonen?

    • CS says:

      Jajamän, här fanns det lejon! Och den här kyrkogården är väl sisådär 200 år äldre än den i Florens. Häftigt!

  2. Mark M, Seattle says:

    I remember trying to get in in 1998. I think the Brownings and others are there. How does one get in?

    • CS says:

      Hello Mark! Welcome to my blog! Elizabeth Barrett Browning is buried in the Cimiteri degli Inglesi in Florence, which is open for visits most afternoons I think. This cemetery is in Livorno and is much older and very interesting, although it hasn’t got quite the celebrities Florence’s does. To get into this one you’ll have to make an appointment, please see information here: http://www.livornonow.com/the_english_cemetery_in_via_verdi_livorno
      Good luck!

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