A morning in the harbour



I took a morning walk through the harbour. I was too late to avoid the worst of the heat, and also too late to see the Amerigo Vespucci which sailed away at dawn. But it was lovely nevertheless.



Just outside the Fortezza Vecchia are the Sardinia and Corsica ferries, next to the old warehouse that I am so fond of.  Contrasts!




I loved this sight. No, the lighthouse isn’t attached to the ship, even if it looks like that 😉




Lots of fishing going on at the pier. More on this later. Like the man who showed me his worms 😉




Back again in the inner harbour with other types of fishing. Being from the coast myself, the smell of nets drying in the sun, of fish and of rotting seaweeds is something familiar and quite pleasant!



4 comments on “A morning in the harbour

  1. blådåre says:

    Fyrar, skepp, hamnar och hav är aldrig fel!
    Sådant där blått vatten vill man ju bad i.

  2. K says:

    Lovely pics, can almost hear the sea lapping at the piers, and smell the smells.

    But – what is Amerigo Vespucci? A boat, I presume, but what kind?

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