Back in Livorno



I came back here a lot sooner than I expected. A little bird  whispered something about carpe diem, so I booked a flight and here I am. Things beyond belief have happened, and I will let you in on it soon. Exciting days lie ahead, I can assure you!




I arrived by train in the evening, met my landlord and was installed in my flat. After having searched for and eventually found the supermarket and bought some food after twelve hours of travelling, I went out to the harbour just in time to catch the sunset.
And what a strange feeling that grabbed me. A wonderful feeling of belonging, of home.
How can that be, I know virtually nothing about this town.
I just know I want to be here.



6 comments on “Back in Livorno

  1. K says:

    Home is where the heart is – so, welcome home! 🙂

  2. påhejande lejonjägare says:

    Härligt att du är framme! Önskar dig görfina dagar där.
    Om du ser några lejon så visa dem gärna.

  3. bastuba says:

    After all, it is possible to belong to more places the one! How wonderful to find another “home”.

    • CS says:

      It really is! I keep expeccting the feeling of “home” to pass and turn into something else and contrary, but it just feels more and more “home”.

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