Eight out of a thousand



Back in Florence again, before I crash into bed I want to share just a few of all my impressions from Livorno. Here are eight of at least a thousand photos. Good grief, what will I do with them all? First the Terrazza Mascagni, the gorgeous beach promenade with something for everybody. For me: the roaring sea, the shapes and the shadows. I adore it!




Fortezza Nuova, which of course isn’t very new at all, and the odd looking Santa Caterina church. The canals and bridges formed an interesting pattern, and I  found it quite easy to get lost,  but then just as easy to get unlost again!




Livorno is full of beauty, even if it may not be as obvious to some as the beauty of Florence.




The Terrazza again. A magical place.




Villas like these two beauties in an almost surreal architectural form, line the waterfront south of the city. Disneyland? Fairytale? Or just wonderful?




Other gems are forgotten, overgrown and decayed beyond salvation, like this art nouveau style luxury spa. How very sad.




To reach this place you need to go on a hundred year old funicular, unbelievably high up on a hill. I’ll show you the stunning views in another post.




I loved everything about Livorno. And I’ll return to these photos many times to show you all of this and more, in detail. But what I kept coming back to, and which blew my mind everytime, was the sea. Here the sunset from the roof terrace swimming pool at the hotel. Need I say it was breathtaking?



18 comments on “Eight out of a thousand

  1. K says:

    Breathtaking indeed. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  2. bastuba says:

    Your photos are absolutely stunning!

  3. VP says:

    So you did it! Brava! Your pictures are very good and I imagine you have so many more… I hope everything was fine and you was able to enjoy my hometown!

    • CS says:

      Dear VP, thank you for you kind words! Yes, I really loved Livorno and can’t wait to go back, hopefully for a week or so. Sorry there was no time to contact you, time just flew! But maybe next time? Yes, I have so many photos and I’ll be writing lots of more post on your lovely hometown. As I will continue to follow your blog of course. See you!

      • VP says:

        Don’t worry about the ‘meeting’, we are leaving tomorrow and I had some hectic days last week! I just added Florensic to the page of our friends on LDP and in future I will post links to your Livorno-related posts.

  4. imponerad says:

    Sicket ställe – havet!
    Och borgar är ju aldrig fel.

  5. Jack says:

    I came here by means of a link from VP’s blog. Your Livorno photos are gorgeous. And, I love Florence and have visited several times. Gee, I certainly don’t need any more photo blogs to follow, but I expect to visit you from time to time.

  6. Dina says:

    Shalom Catharina. I “know” Livorno from VP’s blog, but I love the way you gush about the city! From your photos I can certainly understand why.

    • CS says:

      Ciao Dina! Thank you and welcome! Yes, in fact I loved it so much that I am no dreaming about living there… Well, one can dream… 😉

  7. Luciano Donzella says:

    Great work, it looks like you love Livorno more than me. And i love a lot my town- A sensitive and delicate eye that capture the soul of the town, in a technically perfect way. The result is a love message for Livorno show all around the world. Thank you very much.
    Best regards
    Luciano Donzella
    Journalist of “Il Tirreno” (fron Livorno, of course) 😉

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